00-Instagram is here – have you got the licence to post?

Nowadays, influencer marketing is playing a major role in brand marketing. It’s not a fad or a passing trend, it’s here to stay. From micro influencers, to stars with millions of followers, brands are investing a lot of money to place their products with the right people, and ultimately bring in more money as a result. The…

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Top Facebook Updates – you don’t want to miss

    The following blog will focus on a few of the latest features Facebook has launched:   GIF button to comments: Ever since we saw the first GIF’s on Facebook almost two years ago, we have always wanted to be able to seamlessly use them across the platform. A dream come true would be…

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The Art of The Takeover

Twitter, in partnership with MAGNA, recently announced the results of a scientific media trial examining the location of video ads within a social environment. This was called The Art of the Takeover: Optimizing What Consumers See First. The study was designed to test and formulate best practices for in-feed advertising, while at the same time creating guidelines for Twitter…

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Ensuring your event is a surefire social success

If you’ve gone to the effort of planning an online or even offline event, then you’re going to want the result to be a fantastic experience for everyone involved. It may seem obvious, but by breaking the planning into into pre-, during and post- event, you’ll be better able to plan holistically, delivering exceptional value…

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60 Second Social 12/06/17

Who won this year’s election on social media? In this week’s rendition of #60secondsocial we’re focusing on how the use of social media listening in this year’s general election meant the campaign parties were able to pull out vital insights on their key audiences. For Labour this lead to the unlikely partnership of grime artist,…

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Snap-to-store: can geofilters drive visits to store?

In April, Snapchat announced it was rolling out Snap-to store – a set of tools and analytics designed to help marketers track whether their Snap ads campaigns actually drove people to a specific location. Here is the diagram provided by Snapchat to explain how Snap-to-Store works: Snapchat has already been testing the feature with selected…

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Facebook is offering up its data for disaster relief

In a blog and a video yesterday Facebook’s Public Policy Research Manager, Molly Jackman, announced the social giant’s latest steps into using its powers for good. Its new initiative opens up its location data to disaster relief organisations, allowing them to see real-time information and track the extent of a disaster, where people need aid,…

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