Can Instagram make social commerce work?

With social commerce proving a major revenue generator for WeChat and Line in Asia, there’s no surprise that the big social networks are more enthusiastic than ever to get their slice of the action. And look no further than Instagram as a key example here: from the launch of ‘mini shops’, to now allowing retailers…

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Trashdoves Redefining Viral Social

You might have recently seen a lot of purple dove-like birds banging their heads on your Facebook timeline. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. Fear not, fellow netizens, it’s just people posting trashdoves. let me explain. In what is rapidly becoming one of the most inane but potent examples of crowd behaviour ever…

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Twitter shares the love with 2.5 billion tweets a year

Love is in the air today, as couples celebrate the day of love. Twitter marks the special occasion with its new Valentine’s day stickers, enabling people to share the love in a fun way. The social media channel will also release Valentine’s day emojis, each time a user tweets the hashtag #LoveHappens. Last year, did…

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Slowly losing interest in Pinterest?

We reckon the recent introduction of search ads might turn the world of pins back into wins. The virtual online inspiration ‘cork’ board, as Pinterest is often referred to as, has 150 million monthly users. These 150 million are making on average of 2 billion searches per month, mostly for services and products they’re looking…

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Is Facebook “Discover people” the new Tinder?

Facebook has begun rolling out its new “Discover People” feature on IOS and Android. The new feature aims to facilitate contact between people that are not already friends on Facebook – basically suggesting you become friends with strangers. As opposed to the “People you may know” section that shows you people you could want to…

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