Ep 4: Serious Social – Has our sense of community changed?

Ep 4: Serious Social – Has our sense of community changed? Social media is replacing some of the physical proximity we’re missing, brands have the chance to be a part of this right now. In this episode, Associate Director Belle Lawrence considers how the current climate is building digital communities. If you’re after more know-how…

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Facebook Messenger – Desktop Edition!

  (…in which the author has nostalgic ramblings)   Well it’s about time, Facebook!  The company has now announced that Messenger for desktop is available for download for both Windows and Mac OS machines.   In a quote from Facebook: “people are using technology to stay in touch with the people they care about, even…

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Social Snapshot – 08.04.20

As we head into a short couple of weeks here in the UK there is no stopping the social platforms. They are supercharged. Delivering better formats, greater functionality and some interesting innovations. It isn’t likely to stop over Easter, either. Seems there are redesigns and rumoured launches aplenty – with a few sneak previews. Read…

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