The power of visual content is difficult to overestimate. Visual content generates 94% more views and higher returns such as followers, likes, shares, visits, clients, and revenue. In today’s blog, we discuss the recent trends in visual content in social media.

Why Visual Content is that Important?

  • LinkedIn posts with images have a 98% higher comment rate on average
  • Tweets with images are three times more likely to get engagement.
  • Tweets that include visual content are retweeted 150% more than they would if they had no images
  • Facebook posts with photos get 2.3x more engagement than it would if it had no image that posts without images

What are the most recent Visual content trends?

Brandwatch analysed over 700 logos online, featuring some of the biggest world brands, and identified the most popular ones. Adidas took the lead with over 10 million images identified. According to the report sponsorships, paid partnerships and influential voices allowed Adidas to get to the top. Adidas effectively used its legacy for historic sponsorships and partnerships. Images taken many years ago are in the centre of conversation in 2021 helping to grow the brand’s visual influence. Less than 5% of identified images related to Adidas mention the brand in the accompanying text.

Visual trends vary across different generations

Gen Z & millennials

Cartoons were one of the most popular pieces of content posted by Gen Z and Millennials. Photoshoots, beauty, anime, line art, and drawing were also very important. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the popularity of anime and manga increased exponentially.

Gen X & baby boomers

Among Gen X people, animals and pets were the most common visual content. Both Gen X and Baby Boomers love to post and share memes and funny images as well as just cute cats and dogs.

Aesthetics and Online Subcultures

Interest in Aesthetics has grown dramatically online. Aesthetics relate to online trends are of fashion, hobbies, music, and other interests into a single concept. Understanding the trending aesthetics can help to build strong visual content.


Other visual content trends to consider in 2022

  • TikTok-Style Videos
  • Convert Your Lists into Visual Graphics
  • Gamified Interactive Visual Content (quizzes, Q&A)
  • Shoppable Visual Content
  • 360° Visuals

Social media has become incredibly crowded. As a result, the visibility of your brand will be low unless you have an actionable content strategy. Contact immediate future today and we will help you to stay ahead of trends and develop the most effective social marketing strategy for your brand.

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