Facebook wants your data!

Want to learn more about your customers? You can with Facebook’s new ‘Audience Insights’ tool! Whilst the feature is currently only available in the US, UK marketers can expect to see a wider expansion in a few short months…  And we can’t wait to get our hands on it! “The more customer insights you have,…

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Squeezing value from social: Richard Clark shares his success story

Many marketers recognise the advantages in using social media, but those sentiments aren’t always shared. Particularly by the board. So the challenge is how to prove social value? We invited Richard Clark, former Online Controller at and a founding member of the Marketing team at Best Buy in the UK (Carphone Warehouse), to share…

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The flexible working myth

So this week I am staying away from social media, but looking to gauge responses on topics for staff retention and candidate attraction. Leave a comment below and share what you think about flexible working! This is a sore spot for many people the world over, flexible working, or indeed the fantasy of flexible working.…

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Russell Brand v Jeremy Paxman: The social media reception

Since the interview aired on BBC Newsnight less than a week ago,  social media commentary about the Brand v Paxman debate has exploded. On the official BBC Newsnight YouTube upload of the interview, there has already been 7,562,772 views: that’s a whopping 1,260,462 views per day! In the wider social media universe of Twitter, blogs and…

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Why is Google’s research of the online customer journey so significant?

Google has developed yet another mind-blowing research tool. Despite the rather unimaginative name, “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase”, it nevertheless provides extremely valuable data to boost the imagination of online marketers, providing even further evidence to treat social media as an integral part of any serious marketing strategy. So what does it show? In…

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The dangers of Big Data and the biases of interpretation

Health services in South West London are in the process of being reconfigured. Which means the A&E department and maternity ward at my local hospital could soon close. Residents have been told not to worry as it will only take 13 minutes to travel to the reallocated wards in Tooting. How was the 13 minutes…

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7 super social TV stats from the Superbowl

For those of you who don’t care for American Football you would be forgiven for thinking “what is all of the fuss about?”.  Simple answer – Social TV and advertising, it is certainly worth taking note!  Real-time conversations are shaping brands all of the time in social, some brands are trying to shape and provoke…

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