#indyref 2014: the fight for Scotland on social

Little else has dominated UK news headlines in recent months than the impending Scottish referendum. Not satisfied by traditional media coverage, many have taken to social media to voice their beliefs. Individuals, as well as the Yes and No campaign brands themselves, have chosen social to raise awareness and support for their cause. So how…

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How can updating social media policy add value to UK Police forces?

As a new report is published uncovering Police social media behaviour over the last 5 years we discover hundreds of cases of alleged Police misuse or misconduct of ‘social media’. Several cases of officers blurring the boundaries between personal and professional activity often confusing personal authority, professional responsibility and private life. The report uncovers several instances…

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Are prenups set to become social?

We’ve all been there, a relationship breaks down and you have to think about petty things such as how to share out your joint furniture, how you’ll split the DVD collection and who’ll get ownership of the cat. But in the age of social are there now more digital considerations to handle post break up?…

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TripAdvisor Friend or foe

TripAdvisor: Friend or foe?

I have recently returned from a blissful week in the Mexican sunshine, lazing on white sandy beaches, drinking margaritas and of course, eating out lots *feeling smug*. Of course, like most holidaymakers, we logged onto trusty TripAdvisor to do our detective work into where we should go for the best fajitas and tacos. TripAdvisor did…

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The importance of social media in customer service

Where would you ask a question or make a complaint about a brand? Via letter, phone call, email or social media? Customer service has rapidly progressed. Where once we would write a letter, walk it to the post office and expect a response within around 2 weeks, we now send a 140 character tweet to…

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Has social media given us a more powerful voice?

Since the introduction of social media, resolving disputes through face to face interaction seems to have become a thing of the past. There appears to be a popular trend in taking to various social platforms to vent frustration towards the situations or people we encounter in everyday life.  From that annoying person sitting next to…

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Finally, a new solution for Twitter trolls

Sick, twisted, immoral – just some of the words to describe people who post derogatory and sometimes disgusting comments about sensitive topics online. The rise of social media has given these people, or “trolls” as they are known, a platform to write hateful comments towards celebrities, families who have suffered bereavements or anyone they choose,…

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The Anatomy of a Crisis Part One: Storm in a Twittercup

Listening to the recent Webinar: How to effectively manage a social media crisis it struck me how readily the term “crisis” is applied to just about anything that can negatively impact a brand on social media. From Twitter hackings to disgruntled employees hijacking a company Twitter, everything is labelled a crisis. However, a real social…

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