Social Snapshot – 26.02.2020

The world of social media is a wonderfully interesting place, with new features being announced nearly every day. In case you missed out on any of the news from the past week, we’ve rounded up everything up for you right here…   Facebook’s expanding Stories. Facebook Stories… they just keep pushing, don’t they? In the…

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Why Brands Are Getting Account-Based Marketing All Wrong

For B2B brands, account-based marketing is key to its marketing and sales for several reasons. To name a few – ABM puts the emphasis on individual prospects or existing accounts, has a huge potential for return on investment and often shortens the sales cycle. So, what’s holding B2B marketers back from yielding the results they…

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Facebook and the Chronological News Feed

  Let’s face it, do ANY of us enjoy the current Facebook feed where we’re shown a glimpse of what our friends post and what Facebook thinks we might be interested in?   Granted, the option to change to chronological order has always been there, however, Facebook has been working on a way to make…

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Social Snapshot – 19.02.2020

Fallen behind on the past week’s news? Fear not, we’re here for you with a roundup of the latest updates from the industry! Carry on reading for more…   LinkedIn’s highlighting achievements. LinkedIn is adding a new ‘Featured’ section to profiles, where users can display their latest achievements at the top of their profiles. It’s time…

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Snapchat gets a makeover

Over the years, Snapchat has redesigned its app many a time, but the last major update seemed to push a lot of users to abandon ship. And I can recall purposely not updating my phone to hold onto the old layout for as long as possible! Sad, I know. Well, now it looks like Snapchat…

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Social Snapshot – 12.02.20

Another news-filled week has passed, so here we are… bringing you a roundup of the best articles we just want to shout about. Stay with us and we’ll get you up to speed with the latest happenings in social in no time!   Instagram Stories may be getting a trimming tool. Instagram is testing out…

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