Why you should use Emojis in Facebook Ads

Lost for words? Using emojis in your marketing campaigns has now become the secret ingredient to success. Yes, we are now seeing emojis daily in all social media activity, it’s the talk of the town! Yet, only a few brands have yet successfully included emojis in their Facebook marketing campaigns. Brands are failing to keep…

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You can now share any web links on Instagram Direct

Instagram is so close from becoming the ultimate marketing machine, there’s just one thing missing…web links. The social media platform has launched multiple updates over the last year and the latest takes a big step in the world of social media marketing. Instagram’s Direct feature just got way more appealing with support added for external…

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3 smart ways social intelligence informs your wider marketing

Did you know that social media data can predict the weather? According to a study from Warwick Research, social photos and key words in posts can be used to predict extreme weather. Using these social sensors, alongside meteorological information, the social chatter improves forecasting with eye-witness details that determine the weather with more precision than…

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