Twitter tests secret tweetstorm feature

Twitter is testing a secret tweetstorm feature making it easier for users to publish content faster on mobile. It currently takes serious skills to chain a conversation of tweets together in a cohesive tweetstorm, ultimately exposing the flaw in Twitter’s user experience. Publishers are unable to unleash their storytelling skills in a concise way. Some…

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Facebook launches Crisis Response Hub

Every now and then, it feels like the world is falling apart. Terror attacks, natural disasters, etc. all too often make the headlines. Social media plays a big role in breaking the news. Twitter, of course, but not only… In 2014, Facebook launched Safety Check which lets you in a crisis area, tell your friends…

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Facebook Canvas comes to Instagram

Since its inception in August 2016, Instagram Stories has been a runaway success. It now boasts over 250 million users a day. Launching ads was always part of the road map for Stories and in March of this year the first ads started to appear. It fully monetises Instagram’s answer to Snapchat and adds significant…

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UK now spends more time browsing on mobile than on desktop

According to eMarketers’ Time Spent with Media forecast, UK adults this year will spend 1 hour and 59 minutes a day browsing on their mobile devices. That’s one minute each day more than they spend browsing via their desktop or laptop computers. There’s a first! Emarketer expects the margin to widen, predicting that mobile browsing time will…

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Is Facebook sneaking onto Tinder’s turf?

On Friday, we saw yet another rolling update from Facebook, this time encouraging users to interact with old friends and to try and discover new ones. This feature is more in-depth than the basic ‘friend suggestions’, it’s based on things you have in common, such as pages liked, events attended and places lived or worked.…

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60 Second Social 11/09/17

We’re hiring! Katy Howell, our CEO talks about the qualities needed to be a social media professional. It’s a combination of skills that goes way beyond your online activities. Do you ask a lot of questions? Curious by nature? Courage to grab an opportunity, fail and learn? Switched on to industry? If you’re in the…

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YouTube upgrades its real-time viewing experience

Looking for the latest sports game, music show or world event? YouTube’s Live feature never looked so good with video broadcasters connecting with fans during the moments that count! With YouTube new updates, video creators now have the opportunity to select the ultra-low latency option when broadcasting. The new feature will bring us closer to…

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Introducing FrontRow…

Never one to go out of focus, FrontRow is the new wearable camera from WiFi product maker, Ubiquiti Networks. The gadget is made up of not one, but two cameras; one on the front and one on the back, so its guaranteed not to miss any of the action. It’s a small device that can…

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