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Facebook hands the power back to consumers

Advertising can be a pain. You’re scrolling down the news feed and BLAM – an advert for dog food. When you don’t own a dog. Frustrating isn’t it? But for brands, Facebook’s ad platform is a brilliant way to serve copy and content to a specific target audiences. The problem however is, not all brands…

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Should you be investing in Facebook or Snapchat?

As Facebooks user base ages it’s no secret that it has been trying its hardest to appeal to a younger audience. Facebook even made similar app in 2012 called Poke, with a built-in self-destruct feature that was intended to take on Snapchat. After that flopped in 2013, Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy the instant messaging platform…

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Quick wins for evergreen content

Over the last few months we’ve been fortunate enough to have on-boarded several new global clients spanning lifestyle, consumer and technology markets. One of the first things we’re always asked is: “what are the quick wins we can deliver together?” Clearly I cannot reveal too much about how we go about making an immediate impact,…

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Instagram vs Snapchat

Instagram just launched its new feature: Stories. It’s this nifty feature that lets you create streams of pictures and videos and share them with you friends or just people you have never met – whichever you fancy. Just to make it feel more unique and fleeting, this lovely stream of your personal awesomeness will then disappear…

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Twitter Updates Composer and Introduces Stickers

Twitter have introduced a couple of new developments in the past month, one fairly minor interface change and one entirely new function called Stickers. If you use the Twitter iOS app you may have noticed some changes taking place with the basic layout, as Twitter are running some interface tests to improve the composer. The…

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Using Social Media for Social Good

Social media marketing has come to be a popular way for brands to advertise products and services. But recently, the charitable sector has taken advantage of this growing trend for fundraising activities. Some of the most memorable social media campaigns have been extremely successful in terms of donations. The #NoMakeUpSelfie campaign raised £8 million in…

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Getting innovative with B2B content

B2B content has the habit of falling into a mould – whitepapers, research reports, brochures etc. There are a number of reasons why this content can be problematic: it can be boring, it can be the ‘same old’ stuff and, if done well, it can be very expensive. Budgets are often squeezed and finding ways…

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