5 strange social media trends from 2015

With 2015 drawing to a close, there will no doubt be many articles over the next few weeks covering the biggest digital trends of 2015 and making bold predictions for what lies ahead. Before all of this happens though, we thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the strangest and wackiest social…

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Anonymous taking on ISIS on social

Over the last week you will have noticed that the hacker Collective Anonymous have been at war with ISIS online. from shutting down websites, hijacking social accounts and identifying users they have been very active. Their most recent tactic has been to rickroll ISIS hashtags. If you are from pre-1999 and don’t know what Rickrolling…

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Pinterest launches new visual search tool

Ever been on your friend’s profile, wondered where they had bought an item of clothing and how best to describe it so you can buy it for yourself? Or have you been stuck for words when browsing through interiors and wanted to know more about a specific item? Well if you happen to be spotting…

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How John Lewis pulls a Christmas cracker

It’s like Marmite. And whether you love it or loath it, you’ve probably discussed it, and potentially even posted online about it. In doing so, you’ve contributed to the consistent and proven marketing machine that is the John Lewis Christmas advert. This well-oiled machine triggers divisive debate and motivates consumers to syndicate content online, placing…

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Facebook Government Spy Requests 2015

Every 6 months or so Facebook releases its Global Government Request Report from deep within its cold concrete halls. Basically it’s a giant list of requests to snoop on us or hide Facebook content from us by men in long billowing trench coats and dark glasses, who I assume meet in shady parking structures. Tin foil…

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Hotline Contenting…

  Drake is one of the most famous rappers in the world right now, and is currently sitting at the top end of most music charts. You are probably thinking, “What does Drake have to do with social media?” and why are you writing a blog about him. Well the answer is simple Drake’s dance…

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