There are a profuse number of [tag]PR blogs[/tag]. Checking out Technorati there are 13,431 PR blogs. I guess us PRs like to communicate. No surprises there then.

So you can imagine my fear in starting this blog. Awkward and self-conscious to say the least. I tried like mad to think of something witty to write. I dreamed that my first post would be a mix of intelligence, humour and philosophy, with some desperately insightful comment. But after two days thinking about it I stumbled upon the blog life cycle and realise I just needed to jump in with both feet (and because I can’t think of anything witty!).

Our plans for this blog are simple: Graham and I want to express our views, create pertinent observations and experiment a little with the blogosphere. Of course, a little linkbaiting/ link building is part of it, as is some sensible SEO, but actually this blog is just our way of doing what comes naturally to opinionated PR: debating! It is the conversation that we would like to engender, just for the joy of being part of the online PR community (you can tell I have been lurking much too long!)

(deep breath) So, welcome to the immediate future blog….

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