In the last couple of months the talk about Google Glasses has gone through the roof. We have seen it go from an idea for the future to the “must have” eye accessory at New York fashion week. The way we view the world is changing right in front our eyes. The Google Glasses concept and technology has astounded everyone that has read or used the Google product. We can now look at the world from a very different perspective. The technology brings together the offline and online experience whilst closing the gap between reality and digital. The concept of Google Glass is incredible and I am sure buyers will go crazy for them when they become available at Christmas.

I do have a couple of reservations about the technology though. I have seen a number of reporters try and test the hardware. Yes, they are astounded by the technology but there are still a few teething problems. Similar to any voice recognition software the actions you tell the Glasses can be misunderstood very easily. It reminds me of when the mobile phone industry released voice recognition. When asking the mobile device to “call Dad” it would more likely than not “call Dan”. Once the product has been released to the public, I am sure these initial issues will be eradicated and the technology will be constantly developed and improved.

Their release into the technology market will not just benefit social users. I am sure it will drive other industries to develop wearable technology hardware and software in order to improve their operations. However, even with all these positives, we must not forget the impact the release of this, apparently unique, product has on other large tech brands.

This week, Nicholas Woodman, CEO of GoPro, was questioned about the threat that Google Glasses poses to the “clip-on anywhere lens” producer. He replied that he was “not afraid”! Even with these fighting words from GoPro, you cannot ignore the large impact Google Glasses will have on the tech and entertainment industries. Whether that be eating up your profits or stealing your customers, Google Glasses is set to change the industries on one way or another. Only time will tell and we will have to wait and see how the battle unfolds.

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