Q&A: Hotpoint On Facebook Marketing, Past, Present And Future


Hotpoint UK launched onto Facebook in October 2011 to support and amplify its iconic underwater world Aqualtis TV advertising campaign. One and a half years later the brand has a string of Facebook campaigns under its belt and a Facebook community of more than 69,000 fans. immediate future caught up with brand director, Ian Moverley, to find out what role Facebook currently plays as part of Hotpoint’s wider marketing mix and whether the latest Facebook redesign could affect this.


How important is Facebook to your wider marketing strategy?

Facebook plays a vital role in Hotpoint’s marketing mix. The platform has been invaluable for raising brand visibility in a highly measurable way, amplifying and extending wider advertising campaigns, capturing customer insights and data and driving traffic to our retailer network.


How is Hotpoint using Facebook as a marketing tool?

Last year we worked with immediate future to pilot our first social customer service offering. We trained a cross-functional team of marketing and customer service staff to assign and respond to Facebook customer enquiries.

Facebook has also played a fundamental role in the activation of several successful PR campaigns, as well as the amplification of ATL running across TV and print, including the popular underwater world Aqualtis TV ad.

In addition, we now have Facebook integrated into our CRM strategy, capturing customer data for email marketing through ongoing competition mechanics.  


What would you say has worked well?

Realising the platform’s potential for customer relations management has been invaluable to Hotpoint. We now have a workflow that ensures more than a quarter of enquiries are responded to within an hour; and more than 80% of enquiries are dealt with in less than 24 hours. We also have countless examples of customer negativity that have very visibly been converted into positive brand advocacy.


What do you think about Facebook’s latest redesign and do you see any opportunities to leverage?

I do think the redesign is a good move for improving the user experience and for keeping Facebook current compared with more visually engaging counterparts such as Pinterest or Instagram.

It does, however, amplify the need for brands to invest in visual – and ultimately shareable – content, something which is very much at the heart of Hotpoint’s content strategy. 


Overall do you welcome the redesign, as a brand marketer?

Only time will tell the full impact of the redesign, but it ultimately emphasises the need for a multi-platform strategy. If brand pages do see a swift tumble in user engagement then it won’t be wise to put all eggs in the Facebook basket.

Image courtesy of Facebook

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