Who wants to be a Facebook’aire?

Want to join a Facebook group in the not so distant future? Well, get ready for a quiz. But why? I hear you ask. Well, Facebook is ramping up its admin tools to help admins certify users that seek access to join their group. To access this new feature group admins can now adjust their settings…

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Why Snapchat should dump the chronological feed

Following Snap Inc’s first quarterly earnings report on Thursday there has been a lot of speculation around the apps battle against copycats such as Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status and to an extent Facebook live.  Two of the operational highlights of Snaps Q1 report below paint a picture of where the platform is performing well and…

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Snapchat’s Self-Serve Ad manager is finally coming!

Snapchat already has a variety of advertising formats available: sponsored geofilters, sponsored lenses and Snap ads, but up until recently you needed a big advertising budget to be able to use them (you needed to invest at least $10,000 for an ad campaign on the platform) Then, late last December, on-demand geofilters became available to…

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The future of the mobile industry and social media

The mobile phone has been a ubiquitous part of everyday life for over two decades now. Let’s pause to think about that because it’s something we’ve taken for granted. When you leave the house, the one thing you’re most likely to turn back for if you’ve forgotten it, is your phone. It connects you with…

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From Stanford to Spectacles: The Snapchat Story

Ahead of its first quarter results announcement on Thursday, we’re taking a look at Snap’s history and most memorable moments: 2011: Stanford beginnings – Chances are you didn’t know about it then, but Snapchat launched in September 2011 and quickly grew its user base amongst university and high school students. In the first blog post on…

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60 Second Social 08/05/2017

This week marks the annual RBTE event in London, where retail organisations come together to find the right tools & innovations to improve their business. Social media will no doubt feature, particularly with recent developments on platforms that integrate digital stores with their physical counterparts. #60secondsocial this week focuses on the importance of retail &…

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Social Selling on Snapchat and Instagram just got easier

Brands can now turn social into sales on Instagram, and more interestingly (for me, anyway) Snapchat, without having to leave the platforms, thanks to MikMak Attach. Users simply swipe up from the Instagram Story or Snap ad to add the item to their cart. They can checkout then and there, or leave the session and…

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6 steps to a smarter smartphone social strategy

Social and mobile go together like Instagram and food porn. They are a match made in marketing heaven. Why? Because for every waking moment, consumers seem surgically attached to their phones. And according to the latest research, when it comes to social media, 80% of folk now access social via a mobile phone. In fact,…

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