WhatsApp isn’t just for your friends anymore…

When Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for £11.4bn, it understood one vital thing – we like talking to our friends. As technology has changed, so have our habits – we’re not picking up the phone to talk any more, we’re picking up the phone to text.  This makes messaging platforms like WhatsApp some of the…

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Happy 10th birthday hashtag! But was 2007 a socially vintage year?

One of the friendlier pieces of social news this week (that’s not Snapchat slump related) was the celebration of ten years of the hashtag. That humble little symbol that identifies messages on a specific topic blew out the virtual candles after a decade of activism (#blacklivesmatter), brand brilliance (Always’ #LikeAGirl) epic brand fails (#myNYPD) &…

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60 Second Social 23/08/17

We’re not decking the halls just yet, but as September looms the big focus will be on where you will spend your paid this Autumn and Winter for upcoming Christmas ad campaigns. It’s a key part of the ad mix, so, which platform will be unwrapping the bundles of profits they always hoped for?  Snapchat…

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Who’s breaking news? YouTube!

Where do you go for your fill of breaking news? Now you can head straight to YouTube. This week the video-sharing site has launched a new feature; a horizontal scrollable carousel with the latest news stories from a variety sources including ABC & BBC news. The new feed is available on desktop and mobile, and…

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Facebook launches in-stream-only video ad buys

Facebook steps up its game with another feature for video marketers. Advertisers can now buy video ads that will only be served when people are viewing a video. This should increase the chances of viewers watching your content! Shortly after Facebook revealed its video service, Watch, the company didn’t waste any time in competing with…

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Big Changes To Facebook Marketplace

Facebook are testing out a number of big changes within Marketplace having recently expanded the product into 17 new countries in Europe launching in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, in the biggest expansion Marketplace has seen since its original launch…

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