Twitter and LinkedIn are getting new video ad formats

With the near constant innovation we see from Facebook’s ad offering, it’s easy to forget that other social media platforms release new products from time-to-time. This week there have been two announcements that have got us excited, and they’re both about video. LinkedIn First up LinkedIn is FINALLY testing a video ad format that will…

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Scroll and Save for Later

Scrolling through our social feeds has become routine to us, but it’s also something we do to pass the time. Wake up, scroll. Boring commute, scroll. You might feel like you’ve missed out on something today if you haven’t checked the latest Tweets, scrolled through Instagram or checked your Facebook notifications. We use social media…

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Serious Social 17/10/2017

Keeping in line with keeping things fresh at IF, we’re giving 60 Second Social a shake-up. It’s now called Serious Social. Sometimes, there’s just too much news to fit into sixty seconds. The second tweak to our news format is that we’re going to be interviewing members of the team to talk about the subjects…

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A look back at a summer of travel on social

Summer holidays are a distant dream for most of us, now that we are headed towards the end of the year. All we’re left with are the pictures and memories on social media. Whilst we look fondly back on this summer, the Travel industry can use this post-holiday peak of social data to draw out…

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Now you can sing emoji….😊 🎵

Got a favourite emoji? Now you can listen to songs based on them, with a new music recommendation update on Facebook messenger. Sooo 2017! Facebook and Apple have joined forces to create an Apple Music bot that recommends specific songs or playlists based on one particular emoji. If you prefer to stick to the more…

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