Snap-to-store: can geofilters drive visits to store?

In April, Snapchat announced it was rolling out Snap-to store – a set of tools and analytics designed to help marketers track whether their Snap ads campaigns actually drove people to a specific location. Here is the diagram provided by Snapchat to explain how Snap-to-Store works: Snapchat has already been testing the feature with selected…

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Facebook is offering up its data for disaster relief

In a blog and a video yesterday Facebook’s Public Policy Research Manager, Molly Jackman, announced the social giant’s latest steps into using its powers for good. Its new initiative opens up its location data to disaster relief organisations, allowing them to see real-time information and track the extent of a disaster, where people need aid,…

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The GIF that keeps on giving

  These looping clips have come a long way since their creation 30 years ago. And it isn’t just the 18-25 year olds who are obsessed with video and GIF sharing; everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon too. Whether you love them or fear their infantilising impact on language, it’s impossible to avoid them.…

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60 Second Social 05/06/2017

This week in #60secondsocial we’re discussing how the role of paid media has, and will continue to rise. However, the misconceptions around the role of paid media are still heavily in debate. We reinforce the importance of paid modelling to ensure you’re targeting, and reaching, the right audience. Nothing in life is free, and social…

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You can now share any web links on Instagram Direct

Instagram is so close from becoming the ultimate marketing machine, there’s just one thing missing…web links. The social media platform has launched multiple updates over the last year and the latest takes a big step in the world of social media marketing. Instagram’s Direct feature just got way more appealing with support added for external…

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Is Facebook trending about to get trendy?

Facebook’s ‘trending’ section has undergone a renovation this week. When you select a trending story, the new carousel format allows you to access a variety of different news articles and posts that other Facebook users have written on one story. The old format just directed you to one single news source when you clicked on…

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Bring your community into your strategy

So, how do the best online brands create a loyal customer base, turn them into advocates and shift the power in their hands to attract new customers? The answer is UGC- user-generated content, often referred to as earned media. This is any content that an organisation doesn’t truly have complete control over. This form of content can…

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