Social Media Searches on Job Applicants –The Clampdown

‘All the world’s a social media platform…’ The internet has been called an unregulated Wild West, a digital playground, a threat to society, and more. Realistically, it’s taken 25 years to grow into something that we simply can’t live without. We live our lives on there, and it’s an extension of ourselves. Millennials get a…

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How to Write Great Branded Content

There are a million and one blogs out there that talk about how to write great content, and while some have valid points, there’s one thing they tend to miss. Great content comes first and foremost, from passion. Great content can’t be made to fit an audience. It can’t come purely from data. Not sustainably…

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Are you social selling yourself short?

There’s a bit of head-scratching going on in marketing around social selling. You know, that way of using social media to leverage your prospects, build relationships (like the real world), improve and discover new sales. The confusion arises from trying to answer a simple question: Does your organisation have an agreed upon definition of social…

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Design your Insta feed with Later’s latest update

  Are you one of those people that likes to pre-plan their Instagram feed and make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to? Then it’s your lucky day! If you curate your Insta feed, then you’ve most probably heard of Later; it’s a visual Instagram planner that makes it easy to design…

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Build a chatbot that counts

Chatbots are gradually climbing the ladder of popularity, providing brands with huge potential. Wondering what chatbots can do? Brands have the opportunity to have millions of simultaneous one-on-one conversations with fans without damaging the user experience. The masters of storytelling, Disney, Universal and Lionsgate are all proof that content and narrative can be easily incorporated…

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New Snapchat updates – The full picture

The race to first place between Snapchat and Instagram is fiercer than ever as Instagram has just launched another Snap-inspired update that let users reply to a Story with a photo or a video. But, our favourite ghost hasn’t surrendered just yet and has launched some new features of its own including Voice Filters. Make…

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60 Second Social 06/07/17

We’re behind the scenes at #FujitsuWorldTour. In this rendition of #60secondsocial we’re highlighting the importance of capturing great video content on social. We highlight that planning is extremely beneficial; storyboards are key. Similarly, the best audio and lighting you can get your hands on is of utmost importance. We talk capturing general views (we must…

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