Tumblr’s Cabana App introduces a new way to share video

  Do you ever find yourself describing a funny video you watched days ago and not quiet getting it right? The most annoying thing is forgetting the name all together! Tumblr has the answer with its new app called Cabana. Cabana allows groups of friends to video chat and watch videos together, in real time!…

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Why curiosity is a digital marketer’s best skill

I’m writing this blog whilst in-flight, on my way to Athens, to present a keynote at Social Media Conference 17 – #SMC17gr. As with all good keynote speakers, my aim is to strike a balance between inspiration and relevant insight. All too often, shared case studies are limited to brands blessed with plentiful budget. How…

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Facebook is turning over a new page and adding video banners

Facebook is mixing things up and exploring avenues to make businesses and publishers pages more interactive, with the addition of moving cover images. Well, first of all, I am just glad I am not writing a blog on the topic of Facebook copying Snapchat. Although this isn’t the most exciting feature Facebook has announced in…

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Are LinkedIn’s new targeting tools your perfect match?

  Earlier this week, LinkedIn announced it has hit the 500 million user mark, with users from 200 different countries. Although this is modest in comparison to the extensive growth Facebook & Snapchat see, LinkedIn is still undoubtedly one of the best professional platforms, with 10 million active job listings and the fact that it…

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Facebook launches AR Studio

Daaaaaamn Facebook! Back at it again with copying Snapchat! That’s right! It had been a good week since someone got all up in Snapchat’s business, so it’s lucky Facebook stepped up with its latest announcement to keep them on their toes. This one may give the ghost a run for its money too. Introducing AR Studio:…

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60 Second Social 24/04/17

    This week’s #60secondsocial focuses in on the recent Facebook F8 Developer Conference with developers and businesses. Tune in to find out how Facebook’s taking ‘What’s on your mind?’ to a whole new level with their neural interface development, the addition of their new digital assistant ‘M’, and how Chatbots will revolutionise the way…

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Group bots are taking over Messenger

You like them or you hate them (here, we like them… a lot!). Bots have their usefulness, particularly because they are so good at repetitive tasks and let us – humans – focus on more advanced work. And the truth is, even if you’re not using them in your company, you’re more than likely to…

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Now Instagram lets you curate your own Collections

  Not content with stealing Snapchat’s thunder, it looks like Instagram’s set to take on Pinterest with its new Collections feature. Since last year, you’ve had the ability to save or bookmark any photo or video on Instagram that you want to look at again, but this feature seems to have been incredibly underused –…

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