Facebook launches teens-only app, Lifestage

It would appear that Mark Zuckerberg is pulling out all the stops in an effort to combat the meteoric rise of Snapchat, first with Instagram Stories and now with a standalone iOS app, Lifestage. The USP employed to capture the hearts and minds of Gen Y is that the app comes with an age restriction,…

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5 key takeaways from my 5 years at immediate future

I started working at immediate future in 2011. What a vastly time that was to be working in social media. Everyone, brand and agency was trying to figure out the landscape and how to tackle it. These were the days of Facebook pages with Like gates (yup, chasing Likes – some people still do) and…

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Why Social Media Feature Plagiarism is Good for Business

If you have been following the recent movements in social media, then you will know that no idea or concept is off limits when it comes to the social media world. Facebook has long been the most popular social media platform among the recent generations. Although some would say Facebook would have possibly never existed…

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Facebook hands the power back to consumers

Advertising can be a pain. You’re scrolling down the news feed and BLAM – an advert for dog food. When you don’t own a dog. Frustrating isn’t it? But for brands, Facebook’s ad platform is a brilliant way to serve copy and content to a specific target audiences. The problem however is, not all brands…

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It is all about personalisation

In a world plagued by ads, cut-through is king! We all know there is loads of noise and we all know that you need to break through the noise, especially in social, to be heard….old news…boring. What gets everyone excited now is personalisation. There is such a massive opportunity to serve people relevant and personalised…

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Should you be investing in Facebook or Snapchat?

As Facebooks user base ages it’s no secret that it has been trying its hardest to appeal to a younger audience. Facebook even made similar app in 2012 called Poke, with a built-in self-destruct feature that was intended to take on Snapchat. After that flopped in 2013, Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy the instant messaging platform…

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