Is your social bold enough?

Everyone loves a good joke, that’s not a secret. But humour can seem risky when it comes to brand image – especially when it’s yours. Sure, on more than one occasion, a company has pushed it a little too far and got misunderstood by its audience (doing it can also be a way to make…

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Snapchat

There’s been a lot of talk about Snapchat lately – particularly about how much they’re being copied. We’ve all seen the updates, such as stickers and disappearing content, popping up on other networks – which have led to speculation about how Snapchat will compete. But, Snapchat have also been doing some updating of their own,…

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60 Second Social 20/03/2017

This week we borrow a line from Frankie Goes To Hollywood: When two tribes go to war… Live streaming being the war and Facebook, and Twitter being the tribes. It’s likely this battle will run and run. The good news for brands, consumers and users alike, this means R&D investment and wonderful innovation. #60SecondSocial this week…

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5 simple steps towards influencer marketing success on social media

You’ve probably heard that word-of-mouth has been identified as one of the most valuable and effective forms of marketing, influencing up to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions. In digital marketing, this goes well beyond recommendations from peers. These days, influencers are the key to word-of-mouth marketing. Research from Twitter shows that 20 percent said that a Tweet…

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Facebook keeps telling the same story

   Facebook has been testing yet another story feature for its mobile proposition in selected countries, and it is currently opening it up to a few more. This could be an indication that the feature will soon be launched globally, but there hasn’t yet been an announcement of a global launch. When we heard that…

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Meet Uptime!

  A new app with the invite code ‘pizza’, say no more, we’re sold! YouTube has always been the old faithful, reliable friend that never lets us down and keeps us laughing into the early hours. Strange and random, yet those YouTube videos always give us something to talk about. However, it was missing a fun…

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Planning your next holiday? Facebook wants to help you!

On its mission to take over every aspect of our daily lives, Facebook has been bringing a lot of new features recently – hasn’t stopped trying to take on other social platforms (Snapchat, Tinder…) Now it seems it is going after TripAdvisor (or Google Trips, it depends on who you ask) as well with the…

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Live stream like a pro with these top tips

Live-streaming video is set to become this year’s big thing in social, and some brands are already embracing it to great success.  Follow our top tips and you could be joining them: Make the video your audience want Like any piece of content, your live video needs to appeal to your target audience. Think about…

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