2016: A Year In Video

2016 right? It’s been a crazy year. Aside from the politics and the entire world being different now, social has notably evolved – particularly when it comes to video. Here are some of the ways social video has changed: Facebook Live Despite being launched in August 2015, this was the year that Facebook Live truly…

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How to tap into Christmas TV on social

With the darker nights and Christmas programming on the horizon, TV takes a more central role in our UK media consumption. Last year, research showed that Christmas TV viewing was dominated by the TV set. But TV isn’t a channel alone anymore. Social sits hand in glove with TV shows, movies and even TV adverts.…

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Are travel brands missing out on Snapchat?

  Is it because the vast majority of Snapchatters are between 18 and 24? Is it because their content creation processes often require going through a lengthy approval path? Or maybe it’s the lack of analytics on the platform and tools to measure a campaign’s ROI? Whatever their reasons, most travel brands are behind the…

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What is it that social media can help me do exactly?

I guess the obvious thing to state is that almost everyone uses social media today, and that includes a huge and ever increasing number of businesses using social media as (in some case, the main element), of their marketing activity.  But for those that haven’t jumped on board with social media as yet, the question…

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook

Are you finding that your organic reach on Facebook isn’t quite what it used to be? You’d be right. Did you know that only 2% of your page’s fans actually see your content? Facebook’s algorithms and preferential treatments have long been something that social media marketers have to adhere to. Let’s face it; Facebook is looking out…

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Making Your OOH More Social

From Snapchat’s Spectacles to the Amazon Dash Button, 2016 has seen a heavy focus from brands and advertisers on integrating digital and physical. This was also adopted in the marketing sphere, and several of the most notable campaigns this year came from ideas that found a way to use digital data to serve personalised and…

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The Future of Snapchat post IPO

Snap Inc., the maker of Snapchat, has confidentially filed for its IPO, according to a report from Reuters and word on the grape vine is the company could go public as early as March. So what does the future look like for Snapchat once it goes public? Will it be the next twitter, the Next…

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