What IS going on with Facebook these days?

There were lots of announcements to take note of at the latest F8 developer conference, but which are the ones you really need to know, and what do they mean for your social media strategy?   Groups and Events are the new black In an update that Zuckerberg is calling “FB5,” Facebook will push groups…

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5 top tips to keep your summer social game COOL

  Seasonality is a very important factor in the marketing world. Our behaviours online certainly change over the seasons. Only a couple of months from now hits the summer slowdown. Consumers are spending less and employees are holidaying more, and a lot of businesses fall into sloth-mode. But, you can also look at it as…

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Facebook F8 2019 – our thoughts

Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference is our opportunity to look beneath the hood on new features and functionality that Facebook is delivering. Where are they going? What does that mean to us? And, how are our feeds going to look? Questions framed around these topics are asked by media and consumers around the time of…

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Facebook gets behind meaningful video content

If you’ve been following our blogs for a while, you’ll know that we rave about video content on social. And no, we’re not done with the raving yet! Video content is something that Facebook really care about, and they’re constantly making changes so that valuable content gets served to the users who are most likely…

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Twitters take on F8 2019

As the platform updates were announced, the attendees of F8 2019 just had to share their excitement! Ironically, they all took to Twitter to share what they found out at the Facebook conference 🤔 so, we’ve compiled a few Tweets for your viewing pleasure.   Some are skeptical over the secret crush features A secret crush…

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Facebook F8 Roundup – Day 2

Yesterday saw day 2 of F8 2019, and as predicted, AI and VR stole the show. The speakers discussed the safety of AI and VR online, the updates to systems and algorithms, and why this is so important for the future of tech.   To get you up to speed, we’ve pulled the best articles…

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