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Facebook’s messaging integration and what to do with it.

  As I’m sure you are aware, Facebook recently announced they are working on combining its messenger with WhatsApp and Instagram. Allowing cross-communication across the platform for its users. The new messaging system will allow all three platforms to remain separate, however, users will be able to send and reply to messages from either of…

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Social Snapshot – 13.02.19

Guess who! 👀 We’re back, back again, bringing you news that we just have to shout about! Stay with us and we’ll get you up to date with the latest happenings in social in no time!   LinkedIn launches its own variation of live streaming called ‘LinkedIn Live’ Calling all B2B businesses 📣 Following in…

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User personas are EVERYTHING on social

Social media throws down a gauntlet down to all marketeers, whether you are talking to consumers or businesses. With the potential of reaching tens of thousands of followers, how do you stay relevant? The answer to this is rooted in the traditional marketing practice of creating then referring to user personas to help you connect…

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Social Snapshot – 06.02.19

Hi… us again! Bringing you a roundup of the best social media news from the past week. Stay with us and we’ll get you up to date with the latest happenings in social in no time!   Instagram Adds Option to Link to Instagram Stories, Expands Stories Promote Tool Instagram is stepping up their…

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Periscope makes your live broadcast more interactive

First off, a quick reminder that Periscope is a Twitter streaming platform that in its original incarnation allowed users to broadcast video to followers. Unlike Vine, which was limited to six-second long clips, Periscope broadcasters can stream for as long as they like. Until recently, there wasn’t much of a commenting facility, essentially all you…

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Twitter’s #BrandBowl Awards

  We’re sure you’ve spoken about it plenty already, but let’s talk some more about the SuperBowl. One of America’s biggest sporting events, and also a time for companies to promote themselves on a monumental scale! The half-time ad break costs an average of $4million per ad (I know, crazy right!), but this is a…

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