Get experimenting with Instagram this year

      Sometimes all you need is to read a quick blog post to motivate you into making a new decision.Like how you want to experiment on social media platforms such as Instagram, but you might just not have the confidence to. Look… what’s the worst that can happen it’s just social right? Here…

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The 2019 social media image and video size cheat sheet

  Visuals play an important part when it comes to social campaigns, and the continuous rise of image-based formats like Stories means that visuals are here to stay for good. Now, if you’re not using high-quality images, you’re definitely missing out – but with optimal image formats changing all the time, it can be hard…

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No, I don’t just cock around on social for a living!

  It’s a retort I’ve given to my wife, family, and friends many times. I’ve also, rather frustratingly, had to issue it to senior marketers far too many times. For reasons I cannot fathom, Social Media is still badged by some as being for the kids, or the cool brands, or the consumer brands. Sadly,…

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Don’t lose followers on the platform that counts!

  So, you have checked your analytics for the week and your followers on Instagram has gone up! *Celebrates* However genuine those followers are, you want to ensure that you are doing all you can to keep them there and engaged. Whilst it’s challenging to grow your brand on this busy platform organically it’s important…

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Sparkles and algorithms and everything nice!

Since 2016 Twitter users have been frustrated with the way their feed has been presented to them, an issue brought on by changes to the platform’s algorithms. Twitter added this in to highlight current affairs, trends and updates as they happened, meaning that users weren’t always able to see their friends or favourite channels most…

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