The all new Ads Transparency Center on Twitter

    Having promised the world that they would improve the visibility for all ads running, Twitter has announced the launch of their Ads Transparency Center. This feature allows anyone to view more information about the ads that are being served to them, especially the political ads, such as those used for election campaigns. This…

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Instagram launches 4-way video chat (and more!)

  Well, it looks like developers at Instagram’s HQ have been super busy. Last week we spoke about the launch of Instagram Lite, today we’ll be looking at the new video chat feature that lets you have a 4-way conversation while still browsing through Instagram, the Explore section revamp, and custom AR lenses. Firstly, let’s…

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Instagram introduce a slimmed-down version of the app…

Last week Instagram announced that they’ve hit the 1 billion user mark and they launched IGTV. This week, they’ve released a stripped-down ‘Lite’ version of the app for Android users. Is there anything they aren’t doing at the moment to win more followers? Instagram Lite aims to target emerging markets where mobile coverage is patchy…

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How Social is Scoring at this World Cup

As this World Cup gets underway, it’s worth reflecting on how changes in social media engagement are coinciding with the major shifts currently taking place in sports consumption. These converging trends are positioning social at the centre of sports entertainment, not just as a way of connecting with fans away from the screen, but also…

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Facebook covers all bases for video content creators

Content creators on Facebook are in for a treat with a few new updates! The platform itself has released a detailed description of all the newbie tools and updates to current features. But don’t worry, we’re rounding things up and making it simpler. Connect Facebook wants fans to connect with brands that are suited to…

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Structuring social media in your biz

Our very own Katy Howell has been out and about, chatting to all sorts of organisations from B2B to consumer. What about? Social media of course – their methods and their challenges. In this week’s Serious Social, we get chatty about where to start when it comes to structuring your social media – especially for large brands who need to coordinate across…

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Instagram vs YouTube. How is the war front moving?

After years of turmoil in the broadcast media industry, we could be seeing a wave of change that will disrupt the social media landscape. After a growing buzz, Instagram finally launched IGTV less than a week ago. It’s still early I know, but it might already be time to think what this update may imply…

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YouTube’s new creative suite is long overdue

      Every week it seems that Facebook releases an update to its ad platform, so when one of its competitors releases something truly interesting, I immediately sit up and take notice. via GIPHY   This week at Cannes, YouTube announced a new set of tools, collectively referred to as creative suite, designed to…

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