Instagram’s new feature makes for snappier Stories

  This week Instagram have announced two new updates that will streamline the functionality of the platform, both for personal and business use. The first is a multiple photo upload feature, meaning you can add up to ten photos or videos to your Story at one time. You can edit each individual photo, enhancing with…

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Facebook push for live video content with Premieres feature

In this week’s Serious Social, we’re chatting about the new Facebook Premieres feature! It’s Facebook’s solution to keeping pre-recorded live videos within the platform, and will make it easier for publishers to post videos without the expensive external software! It’s a solution that will certainly encourage more video content, especially live video content, on the…

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Facebook reveals an increased use of pre-roll ads and more…

    Facebook reveals an increased use of pre-roll ads and more…   We’ve all heard of Watch – Facebook’s platform for shows. Having released this to a small US-based audience in August 2017, Facebook shared episodes — live and recorded — that followed a storyline or theme. With promising results, Facebook are now keen…

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Snap inaugurate augmented reality m-commerce

Users love new, inspiring features on social media – that’s no secret! Remember earlier this year, when Snap debuted an in-app AR ecommerce experience for Nike’s Jordans? Well, it clearly wowed customers, because Snap has released a new feature that it’s calling “Shoppable AR”. What does it entail? Well, advertisers can add a button to…

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Facebook’s ‘Loyalty Prediction’ ad tool

  Facebook’s new Loyalty Prediction ad tool   We’re all familiar with Facebook’s targeting. Together with detailed demographics, user preferences and past actions, we’re able to deliver relevant messages to refined audiences through the platform.   A confidential document, examined by The Intercept suggests that Facebook may be working on a new, advanced targeting tool.…

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