The lowdown on Snapchat’s new six-second unskippable ads

Still keen on using Snapchat for your brand? The platform’s new ad format might be the best way to test your return on investment. Launching this week, the new six-second unskippable video ad format puts Snapchat firmly in the same ring as Facebook and YouTube, both of which already offer a similar advertising option. Users…

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Instagram’s becoming a major player in B2B marketing

Instagram want businesses on their platform, so new, useful features are the right way to go about it. A few additions have been made to Insta’s business profile offering. Action Buttons can be added to profiles, and the Direct Message feature has been cleaned up! Ahh, much better. It’s clear to many marketers why Instagram…

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Is UGC missing from your content strategy?

Conversations between a brand and a consumer are no longer a one-way street. Today’s consumers are empowered and connected like never before, and they’re producing content like it’s going out of style. It’s our job as marketers to produce lots of great content that will engage the consumer. This can often be time-consuming and costly,…

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Snapchat redesign V2.0

  Snapchat redesign V2.0 Snapchat recently revealed an all-new layout which quite frankly was unpopular amongst most of its users. Here is a list of some of the dreadful changes that were made:   The addition of more navigation buttons The removal of Creators from the Stories list Messages and Stories from friends mixed together…

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Instagram Launches Payments for Commerce

  According to a recent article, almost 50% of Instagram users research products on social media and over a third of the platform’s users have purchased a product online with their mobiles. That makes this segment 70% more likely to convert to the purchase phase than non-users. It will come as no surprise that, with…

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Facebook give you more tools to optimise video content!

We’re serious about social media. That’s why data analytics and insights get us excited! For a while now, we’ve been drumming into everyone that Facebook and video content are harmonious. So, as we’re all using video, we bet you’re itching to know what Facebook have done with its Video Insights section that’s available to Pages……

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