Meet Wuu, the Snap-style app from the makers of Ello

Way back in the the halcyon days of 2014 we had high hopes about the fledgling social network Ello an ad-free alternative to the established Facebooks and Twitters of the social world, but, alas it never really took off as much as we hoped. But now the creators of the ill-fated Ello have returned with a new…

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Get ready to start shopping on videos!

Do you remember how I was banging on about a pair of shoes and how Pinterest now lets you shop from pictures about a month ago? (if you don’t here is the post) Well, now, shoppable videos are coming to Facebook and Twitter but maybe not just as you imagined it! Dubcandy is a new…

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The Brands Who Won April Fools 2017

So April has arrived, and with it a day when we stop bashing ‘fake news’, and instead celebrate it, and the other witty and, in some cases, heart-stopping ways that our friends and loved ones make April Fools of us all. Not to mention, the brands that get in on the act on their social…

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60 Second Social 3/04/2017

Missing your fill of paid media gossip? In this week’s #60secondsocial we’re focusing on the ongoing battle between Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, specifically where paid media is concerned. Snapchat has well and truly caught up with Twitter, but will it have a chance going against Facebook? Since Snapchat launched it’s IPO we’ve frequently been asked…

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A Pinteresting new feature for promoting apps

Pinterest is now letting brands promote apps on their walls via the platform’s self-serve platform and API partners. The update means iOS users can now download apps to their mobiles within Pinterest, without being redirected to the app store. Although it is fairly new, the feature has already been beta tested with around 100 brands,…

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Introducing Facebook Live….Location

Facebook Live Location has been introduced this week, Facebook’s new location tracking feature.   Facebook has had security and privacy issues in the past with people being unaware of their location services being on, particularly with the ‘Nearby Friends’ function that launched in 2014. Facebook Live Location offers a similar function, but has much more security, and…

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7 Ways To Improve your Live Streaming

Regular blog readers and viewers of our #60SecondSocial Twitter videos, will know we’re fans of live streaming; and understandably so, when you consider Facebook are giving boosts to Facebook Live broadcasts. Usually, Organic Facebook content reaches less than 1% of your audience, but the ‘is live’ and ‘was live’ alerts, mean a greater sum of…

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