Football clubs, social media and bridging the gap with fans

Over recent years, many football fans have felt disconnected from their football clubs, and largely due to the wealth gap, disconnected from players too. With the increasing popularity of social media amongst sports fans and the growing acceptance of its importance at executive level, here are some of the ways clubs are using social media…

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We’re living in a virtual world

If you’re living in the UK like the team at immediate future, you’ll no doubt be enjoying a bit of classic British summertime – it’s August, and you need a coat, scarf and wellies to go anywhere. It’s frankly rubbish outside, so why not stay in and get everything you need from the online world?…

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Everybody wants to rule the world

 Once every four years the whole country goes a bit crazy for a few months. Flags get attached to cars, people with little or no interest in football suddenly get wrapped up in pub debates about who exactly should be England’s third-choice goalkeeper, and businesses the length and breadth of the country rack their brains…

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