Social media trends that’ll be big this year

Social media has evolved and will continue developing throughout the years.  So, let’s talk about some of the social media trends we expect to see making waves in 2022: The “creator economy” Over the past decade, big online platforms such as Facebook, Snap, TikTok and YouTube have reached multi-billion dollar valuations. 😱  “The platforms and…

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Podcast Cover Art

Serious Social – Episode 69 : Bring the social boom

  Ep 69: Serious Social – Bringing the social boom  2021 is coming to an end and it’s time to get your brand’s social media ready for next year. In this episode of Serious Social, Colin Jacobs, Belle Lawrence and Katy Howell review this year’s successes and forecast 2022’s triumphs, dissecting and debating everything that…

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Creative collaboration platforms to help your business: Canva

At immediate future, we’re constantly testing new and exciting things to help us continue breaking the social boring. Especially when it comes to design. For both client-facing employees and our official designers, Canva is a great starter tool to get creative and super easy to use! What is Canva?  Canva is a web-based content creation…

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Patience, trust and a little bit of fairy dust.

Trusting the process… what is it? And what does it mean for designers and social media? Earlier this year, IF’s digital designers, Ollie Farnden and Chantal El Bikai sat down to answer exactly that. We describe the process as a day-by-day series of steps, like making a cup of tea. From boiling water to pouring…

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