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How brands will benefit from Twitter’s makeover

You may or may not have read countless articles, suspiciously pointing the finger at Twitter’s re-design and how it closely matches the appearance of another popular social network. Or you’ve logged into your account and have been taken aback by an enormous cover photo. Yes Twitter has had an image overhaul, so pay attention as…

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#ByeBye @Replies?

Rumours are circulating the net of Twitter’s planned revamp and eventual elimination of the platform’s most prominent symbols, the #tag and @reply.  With conjecture that testing is well underway, we take a look at what the change could spell for brands. Testing and updates to the functionality of our favourite social networks come as no…

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Being a recruiter, means being a marketer

To be an excellent recruiter, you must be an excellent marketer. Although the stereotypes in personal attributes to these two careers seem poles apart, the link between them is getting stronger. It is no longer about job boards or who you know (although that does play a part). It is about intelligently sourcing candidates, being…

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What are your top social media questions?

With London’s Social Media Week well under way, there has been engaging discussions about social media flying around all over the internet. Both individuals and companies have been getting involved in the action. Even Richard Branson has been offering his advice. We enjoyed watching his Social Media Q&A session on Monday which provides lots of…

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More about Google+, Authorship and SEO

Any business, alert and looking to drive natural search is already running Google+ and Facebook accounts at the moment. Facebook because people are using it and Google+ because it is this persistent beast, which is ignoring popularity and instead providing fantastic ingredients for functionality and the ability to make you or your brand more famous.…

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Live Brand Social: Ready, aim, fire!

When it comes to social media, one key to success is to focus on the activities that give you the widest reach, as efficiently as possible. You need to know that your message is being heard and more importantly that it is being heard by the right people. It is about targeting your efforts in…

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