How to drive MQLs and SQLs through social media?

If you’re being challenged to deliver SQLs this year, then this blog is for you. Last week’s Serious Social Live saw me take to my home office chair and share my thoughts on a developing conversation that’s resonating across B2B. “The business is completely focused on demand gen this year. We have to prove the…

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How social is the oil in the B2B demand gen engine

Sigh! My biggest frustration after 12 years in social media marketing is the view that vanity metrics are the only way to place a value social. Only measuring followers, likes, engagement and fans misses the opportunity social presents to deliver into the pipeline – to ultimately drive revenues by being the oil in the demand…

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Does storytelling have a place in the B2B world?

Regardless of the complexity of the sector or product, there is always a human story that can be told. It is this story that allows us to connect with B2B buyers on a personal level. While they may be key decision makers controlling the purse strings of a company, they’re still human. We all love a…

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