Recruitment in 2014 mobile and content

Recruitment in 2014, mobile and content

Recruiters have taken social media by the horns and well and truly learnt its power to connect them with candidates in a totally new and exciting way. Although it is bringing much success for some, it’s not for all. 2014 will be the year that, finally, recruiters globally will fully understand the power that social…

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How did you find that candidate

How did you find that candidate?

When you first learn there is a possible job opening, and your pipeline is not looking strong, what is your first action? Post the job to generate an influx of CVs or simply strategise and plan? “It depends on the role”, I hear you say… But I am not sure that’s the right response. When…

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Why does recruitment need social media?

As a job seeker, you tend to use who you know and what you know when looking for a new job. Comfortable with Monster and Reed websites or even looking at the local papers or Post Office? Plenty of companies are still hell bent using traditional advertising methods. I am a huge social recruiting advocate,…

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Employer branding, part one: Instagram

If you want to create a following for your company of the most engaged community, get on Instagram. I understand the fear, posting pictures is for kids, what if I don’t know what pictures to put up, does it make my company look like they are having fun and not working? Forget all your objections…

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Find a candidate FAST, using social

Direct sourcing of candidates using social media. Forget branding for a moment if you can, this is not about candidate attraction nor is it about creating a pipeline, this is about filling a role you needed to fill last week and how to do it using social media! So, your hiring manager has sent you…

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