The Why Behind The Buy – 5 Neuromarketing Tips

This phrase is relatively new, but the social savvy will recognise it instantly as the hybrid of neuroscience and marketing. Whilst mixing psychology and sales isn’t something new (charm pricing, duh), for the first time social is recognising the power neurology has on marketing – explaining why books like Choice Factory by Richard Shotton and…

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The BBQ – are you missing out?

The very strong chance exists that you enjoy a BBQ! After all BBQ & at-home eating & entertaining is now the UK’s No1 summer home leisure activity, with three out of four households now owning some type of BBQ grill. So you probably aren’t missing out in hosting, attending and eating at a BBQ! But…

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Should UK brands be ready to adopt Pinterest?

Shortly after my last post on Pinterest this insightful infographic circulated giving further evidence that the platform could really become a big player in 2012 – check out “is Pinterest the next social commerce game changer“ After making such a huge splash in the US last year (with over 31 million visits) it is only a…

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Social media agency talking retail!

  You may have noticed that we’ve been had a very retail focused week here!  As a leading social media agency we’re particularly interested in how social is changing the way we shop. Given this focus, here’s our pick of the top three retail stories this week: Retailers set for £85.2bn Christmas windfall – covered…

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Social Shopping: reaching the 50% that aren’t buying

“The key to social commerce is understanding the roles of the social consumer and the parts they play in the grand production of your marketplace.”[1] By 2012, online retail sales in the UK are predicted to hit £44.9bn. And social is changing the way we shop. In 2007, Gartner identified two types of online shoppers:…

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