Social within sport, its now worth a shot!

It’s been a known fact that since the rise of social media there’s been a constant battle with the world of Broadcast TV. The fear was first noticed by TV stations who were scrambling when media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook were amounting to users that blew local TV ratings out of the water.…

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A weekend of sport: #analysis

This weekend the British public were treated to a very generous helping of sport! For many of us sports fans there was so much sport it was hard to keep track of it all, but with rigorous planning I think I managed to catch most of it on TV! The feast of sport included; England…

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Social media in a league of its own

With a new football season underway and an eagerly anticipated Premier League campaign due to start this weekend, I’ve been considering my consumption of the global game recently and how it’s changed.  Not just for individuals, but for brands as well. Everyone knows football is big business with dedicated, die-hard fans.  So social media provides…

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Social media gives sport invaluable link to fans

We are in the midst of the 2010 Tour de France and the race has come down to just two riders. Andy Schleck is just eight seconds behind “Berty the Accountant” (Alberto Contador) as Ned Boulting and Matt Rendal call him on their Real Peloton podcasts. It has been an amazing spectacle, cobbles, crashes, tears…

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Everybody wants to rule the world

 Once every four years the whole country goes a bit crazy for a few months. Flags get attached to cars, people with little or no interest in football suddenly get wrapped up in pub debates about who exactly should be England’s third-choice goalkeeper, and businesses the length and breadth of the country rack their brains…

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Howzat for a landmark in live streamed video?

Last week saw the announcement in the press of the Indian Premier League’s plan to stream the whole of the 2010 tournament live via YouTube. As many commentators have noted over the past week, this calls into question the whole notion of TV rights. With the focus of entertainment shifting more and more towards online…

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