4 lessons to learn from the rise and fall of Vine

Vine; the social media app where users can upload and share no more than 6 second clips, is officially dead in the water. Twitter acquired the app in 2012, and 4 years later has decided to shut it down. Poor Twitter – can’t catch a break! Although Vine has been less-than-popular recently, the golden days…

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Why videos are important to your digital strategy

Videos are now becoming much more of a focus for brands within their digital strategy. And with good reason too! A study in 2012 found that social engagement in videos increased by 28% to 70% compared to 2011! It also showed that social media users are twice as likely to engage with video content than…

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And the winner is… #6SecFilms

Six weeks ago The Tribeca Film Festival challenged budding film makers to push Twitter’s Vine app to the limit and create a six-second looping film. Tips to budding Vine makers included telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end whilst embracing Vine’s features such as looping and time manipulation. The judges chose their favourites…

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