Tumblr Who?! WordPress what?!

  Ahhh Tumblr – what once was a buzzing hive of indie creators, a place to share your work and interact with others and its booming creative community, has slowly been meeting its demise over the past few years when they decided to ban adult content from the platform, and flag/ban most artistic and LGBTQ+…

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Is Tumblr mature enough for advertising?

The simple and versatile platform that combines a coherent interface with simple functionality. With an endless variety of customisable templates the platform has been a vast canvas for the more visually driven blogger to be truly creative.  At face value Tumblr has the reputation of being mostly populated with junk gifs and recycled ‘memes’. Scratch…

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Too many social media cooks?

The new Buzz module will allow all 176 million users of Google’s Gmail service to see their friends’ live status updates, and share photos and videos. Sound familiar? Been there, done that, got the Facebook/Twitter account already? With social media success stories like Facebook claiming 400 million active users and Twitter recently reaching 75 million users,…

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