Lift the social media bonnet and take a good look at the engine. If you know how it is performing you can make it more efficient, more powerful and more valuable. Don’t lose sight of the social conversations. Measure only what you need to know so you can finesse your programme and drill into the detail to uncover your ROI

Monitoring and reporting

Using the top industry social data gathering tools, we track keywords, sentiment, competitors and topics. Combining analytical skills with community know-how, we are able to alert brands to potential issues and deliver accurate and regular reporting.

Measurement grid and KPIs

There are hundreds of metrics in social media. Even more when you expand into the digital touch points. At immediate future, we don’t do anything without considering measurement. We know what measures are likely to give us insight and which are just nice to have.

So we apply our knowledge and design measurement grids, prepare KPIs and benchmarks that will help brands quickly establish success. We design attribution models and correlation graphs that compare wider data points – and identify ROI and business value.

But there is more than measuring return on investment. You can also use metrics to optimise your social activity. Using our nine point performance framework, brands are able to continually improve performance: delivering better results, whilst maximising the investment in content.

Templates and dashboards

Too much data can be just as challenging as not enough. We distill the multitude of social information into clear concise reports. However, visual reporting makes it easy for brands to share results across a company. From templates to bespoke dashboards, immediate future will work with the best technologies to create insights dashboards that deliver relevant information for each department.

Beyond the standard format, these are developed after consultation and ensure that information is clear, clean and valuable to the business.

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