B2CTO | The Express Version

    Learn how to reach the elusive CTO in just a few hours!

    The belief is that the more senior the target, the more difficult they are to reach – but our recent research shows that this may be a myth.

    The comprehensive research commissioned by Immediate Future and LAB found surprising and unique insights that will open up new opportunities for anyone targeting the C-suite tech professionals.

    • How the brands that have refocused on the audience making 70% of buying decisions has delivered pipeline
    • What makes the Tech C-suite so damn peculiar – and how you can tap into the quirks to gain attention
    • Why personalisation at scale is doable, but only if you factor in two other considerations

    “Katy’s insights are phenomenal. Having been in tech for 30 years, to see someone shortcutting the tests with her insights – it’s f**king amazing!” – Marcel Goga, CEO at dConsult.io

    The social C-suite can be found – and they do engage with relevant content. However, generic B2B messages communicating features & benefits will not be enough to provoke this group into action. The channels are noisy – you need methods to get attention and action from extremely short time exposure. This is where behavioural insights come in…

    By attending the event, you’ll receive the comprehensive report that covers all of the above and more.

    Who this event is for:

    Senior and mid-level marketers looking to learn the latest research and develop tools to harness human behaviour into their campaigns


    8:30 AM: Doors open & breakfast

    9:00 AM: Talks begin

    10:30 AM: Q&A and Networking

    11:00 AM: Event finishes

    We’ll provide the hot coffee and pastries – Just sign-up to secure your free place…

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