immediate future is celebrating its 10th anniversary


Ten years is a great milestone for the company. And it’s an opportunity to say thank you to all of those individuals that have supported IF and helped the company to grow, evolve and reach this landmark.

If you know us, you know that the agency is a bit out there. We make a lot of noise, we’re passionate, we love to laugh and aren’t afraid of being laughed at. So don’t expect a corporate champagne reception. We know how to party in style…

It’s party time!

Fudge & the Frequency are our live band, who will definitely be bringing the funk to the dancefloor. And we also have our own DJ especially for the night, so we hope our guests are all ready to have a dance!

Now a party wouldn’t be a party without some balloons. But we’ve turned it up a notch. Because we’ve got the magical Miss Ballooniverse; a woman who has made it her profession to amaze and amuse.

And that’s still not all. We’ve got cool contact jugglers and hip-shaking hula hoopers (the IF team will definitely be having a go at that!)

  • IF partycake
  • Crystalcontact (2)
  • Chi Chi Revolver
And then there’s the food. My goodness, do we have a treat in store for the party goers! A deliciously wonky tiered cake (because who celebrates without cake?) Ready to be washed down with one of our especially created purple cocktails. Words cannot describe how scrummy those are!

We’re certainly looking forward to catching up over a cocktail with those awesome folk who have supported the agency over the past decade. It’s going to be awesome!

Music to get you in the mood

And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited then we have the perfect solution! A pre-party playlist to get you in the mood for dancing and merry-making.

Full of classic dance tracks and some old school favourites, but there’s always room for more. So feel free to add your top tracks to this collaborative playlist for us all to enjoy in the run up to the party!

We will be celebrating with clients, partners, influencers and those amazing friends that stood by us. It’s going to be a blast! This event is by invitation-only.

The day after the night before!

Check out our photos from the party!