Keynote Speaker

Ben Carter

Marketing Director

  • TOPIC: How retailers can perfect the social media conversion to ROI 
  • DATE: 6.30pm on 26th March 2015
  • LOCATION: London
  • KEY DISCUSSION: is driving substantial sales from social media. In fact, according to Ben Carter, Marketing Director, They are able to track and measure social conversions on a daily basis – and the results are good! 
Ben joins us for our first Social Speakeasy of 2015 to tell us more about his deliberate focus on social ROI.

Ben and his team of 21 marketers are testing and experimenting with the interplay between social and other channels – joining up the customer journey with enhanced social conversations to deliver results. And although delivering social value is a constantly evolving process, he is going to share his knowledge including details on:

  • A test and learn approach that is deliberately building a fan base for conversion

  • Balancing engagement with sales

  • A honed approach to measurement that allows for constant optimisation

For this online retailer, Facebook and Twitter are a significant direct response channel whilst also driving deep brand engagement

Beyond sharing his experiences with social, Ben will also talk about where he sees the future for social retail: his opinion on social CRM, advertising and testing value of social.


Pictures from a fantastic evening

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