MacMillan Coffee Morning


You wouldn’t expect us to do ‘ordinary’. So whilst we love Macmillan Coffee Mornings, when CEO Katy Howell was asked to speak at a one with a Mad Hatter thrown in, how could she resist?

The Mad Hatter’s Tea (and Coffee!) Party is being held at GROW at Green Park in Reading on October 2. It promises to offer not only the teas and coffees and cake that you’d expect of a Macmillan Coffee morning, but also a useful business twist and a healthy dose of madness (you can still bag a ticket here;

Her talk on “Cutting through the cat chatter to drive customer acquisition and leads” should prove inspirational to both the usual start-ups that ‘live’ in GROW (the co-working space for Thames Valley start ups) and for the larger companies that surround it. She’s the first speaker, at 10.15, kicking the seminar stream off with a bang.

The event aims to raise at least £1,500, which will pay for roughly seven days nursing. As one in three of us are now expected to face some form of cancer, the care offered by cancer specialists can be utterly life changing.

We’re really proud to be part of it, and wholeheartedly embrace the whole ethos of business being enjoyable as well delivering fantastic value. See you there!