Keynote Speaker

Aman Matharu

Digital Marketing Manager

Pepsi Max

  • TOPIC: Video: the cornerstone for real-time social for Pepsi Max 
  • DATE: 6pm on 23rd April 2015
  • LOCATION: London
  • KEY DISCUSSION: Challenged by keeping Pepsi Max front of mind every day, it is clear that video has a large part to play. Find out just how significant it is in the publishing schedule and its value in real-time. 
Like many FMCG brands, Pepsi Max has one dominant objective: keeping the brand front of mind. When it comes to social media, Aman Matharu, Digital Marketing Manager at Pepsico, knows exactly what content put Pepsi Max on the tips of tongues: it’s video that performs best. And he promises to share his approach with us at this month’s Social Speakeasy.

In fact, Aman’s commitment to video has resulted in budget being moved from TV and refocused on video. But this is video with purpose. Clever story lines that unlock the brand USPs and translate into conversations and messages. Video that is then accurately targeted at audiences in the social space. His approach is now one of a publishing strategy for Pepsi Max. One that sings to the benefits of Max Taste, No Sugar through Unbelievable content!

Aman will be talking to us about:

  • Real-time content production – successes and pitfalls

  • Optimising paid content to extend reach

  • Video and visuals that stretch the brand story

The result is award-winning programmes. The Pepsi Max videos are a recognisable asset and they have gathered a following on YouTube and Facebook that allows the brand to keep the messages in front of customers. You can take a look at some of the winning videos at
Unbelievable Bus Shelter and Monster Mirror

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