Keynote Speaker

Jerry Daykin

Social Media Marketing Manager

Mondelez International

  • TOPIC: Real-time social engagement with Mondelez International
  • DATE: 6th February 2014
  • LOCATION: London
  • DESCRIPTION: Key to any effective social media strategy is the ability to monitor what people say about your brand across social channels. And there’s a wealth of data available –  but the challenge is how best to turn that collated data into real-time actions…


If you’re not familiar with the company ‘Mondelez International’ you’re probably still very familiar with some of their brands… Cadbury, Oreo, Philadelphia, Kenco, Toblerone and many more.

A hot topic this year, real-time social focuses on driving up engagement and brings your brand closer to your customers.

At the Social Speakeasy exploring real-time social, Jerry shared his tips, experiences and examples of how to scale really big, integrating with paid media and how to change your business processes to make it work. Find out what was discussed on the night (including that ‘dunk in the dark’ Oreo post) by visiting our follow up blog 


Who attended the event?

Coca-Cola, TripAdvisor, IPC Media,, Macmillan Publishing, Festo, Flyer Alarm, People Tree, Nature Publishing, Cision UK, BP, Luxure – and others!

Check out our photos from the evening!

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