Keynote Speaker

Richard Clark

Online Controller

Home Retail Group (

  • HOT TOPIC: Squeezing the value from social media
  • DATE: 24th April 2014
  • LOCATION: London
  • KEY DISCUSSION: How can you assign a monetary value to social engagement?  A look at how well-known high street retailer, Argos, uses algorithms to plot the value of social engagement  
Tasked with transforming Argos into a digital retail leader, Richard Clark will be sharing details of his experiences including how he successfully delivered the highest peak in business in over a decade! Revealing insights from Argos and Best Buy, Rich will demonstrate the value that can be achieved through social. Having lead the way in social integration and delivered results, Rich is going to share his secrets on:

  • Plotting the metrics that demonstrate the value from social

  • Assigning monetary value  to the social engagement (how algorithms can determine the sales opportunity)

  • Stepping up on loyalty with integration and data capture to increase basket size, recommendations and lifetime value

Who’s already on the guest list:

Over 70 brands have signed up to take part, including PZ Cussons, Absolute Radio, ITN Source, Orange, Ocado, Roche,, Canon, Thomson Reuters, Nokia, Papa John’s, Post Office, Land Rover Coffee, Cundall, Motorola, Sage Pay, Vidal Sassoon, Nintendo and BMW!

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