We all know how everyone loves to jump on the latest trend, and we all know how Twitter Spaces is pretty much a Clubhouse copy, just “Twitterfied”.  However, Spaces seems to be getting some updates in the form of being rolled out to all iOS and Android users. 

With this news, rather than restricting Spaces to users who have over a certain number of followers, *everyone* is now able to create their own Space for people to take part or tune in which is something that Clubhouse does really well, however I’d imagine the reach on Twitter would be far greater as it’s been recently pointed out that their active user base has reached 211 million!

Is this a recipe for disaster? We are all privy to the fact that people on Twitter have some very serious Hot Takes, for example the Full English vs American breakfast;

(I can tell you right now, that BOTH brekkies would 100% be devoured in a millisecond).

I’ve certainly seen more people using and creating their own channels recently.  What do you all think? Will you be joining any now that it’s available for everyone? 👀