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immediate future and EngageSciences partner to launch the Social Trailblazer Awards, the first UK awards designed exclusively to recognise social media professionals!

Social Trailblazers is a new set of awards designed to bring recognition to the emerging social media profession. As the first social awards in the UK, it pays tribute to those that have chosen social media as a career – celebrating those hard working individuals that are carving out and shaping this new profession, from an already established digital industry.


Debuting this year, the Social Trailblazer Awards will raise awareness of the wide range of skills required to succeed in social: shining a light on eight emerging social media practices. From analytics to customer service and those leading the charge and setting the social media agenda!

Calls for nominations launch on 24th June and both brands and agencies alike will be invited to nominate their social superstars for free at www.socialtrailblazers.co.uk

Alex Naylor, Head of Marketing Communications at Barclaycard, says: “Companies are beginning to define the position and social media managers are gathering the wide range of skills they need. The social media profession is still nascent, evolving and ever more critical to communications. The Social Trailblazer Awards gives talent and best practice recognition. Not only supporting those that decide to make social their profession, but also helping brands understand the breadth and depth of the role. I for one will be nominating a number of my colleagues!”

Over the last few years the profession has grown from being a few people championing the opportunity to an established career. And latest research shows 75% of brands have social media talent within their organisation. This burgeoning industry demands recognition; together immediate future and EngageSciences are determined to deliver it with this accolade.

Katy Howell, CEO at immediate future says, “The social media profession is extraordinarily diverse. It requires technical, analytical, digital, creative, editorial, SEO and communications skills. Social requires broad skill sets. So unsurprisingly individuals taking up careers in social media are beginning to specialise. And with that comes the need to create a more defined profession. The Social Trailblazer Awards bring clarity to a burgeoning industry. And more importantly champions the individuals that are blazing trails for future social media professionals”.

Industry figureheads will judge the awards alongside Katy Howell and Michael Wrigley, CMO at EngageSciences, to identify the Top 100 Trailblazers. The industry will then be able to vote for their winning Trailblazer in each category. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in late October.

Michael Wrigley commented: “Today the social media role is pivotal to any brand that understands the value of customer relationships. As a not-for-profit event, the Social Trailblazer Awards are all about celebrating the people in social. Those at the coalface of the industry who are setting benchmarks, delivering best practice and providing tangible value for their businesses.”

The Social Trailblazer Awards is a chance for forward thinking digital professionals to rally around their colleagues, team mates and agency liaisons. An opportunity to celebrate the social media industry, the profession and the individuals blazing trails that are evolving social and educating businesses.

Explore the categories and nominate your Social Trailblazer by visiting the website.


Notes to editors

The Social Trailblazer Awards 2014 are brought to you by immediate future and EngageSciences.

For information please contact Sarah Sharkey on 020 8547 1830 or press@immediatefuture.co.uk