Global engineering firm to explore business opportunities with social media

Festo, a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology, is working with immediate future to assist in the definition of their B2B social media strategy.

The programme consists of a detailed social auditto extract customer insight and business intelligence from conversations about Festo and the wider marketplace. This will be followed by strategic planning workshops to devise a community strategy to engage customers and partners.

Steve Sands, UK Marketing Manager, Festo said: “We want to understand the opportunities in social media for our business before we start investing. immediate future provides us with expert insight and a strategy to help us find the right path for our business in the complex and evolving social media channels.”

“We operate in a specialist market and we need the expertise of the team at immediate future to assist us with what works now and what doesn’t, with social media. They are able to advise us on all aspects of B2B social media from the cultural challenges, the technology and the content requirements.”

The social audit analyses thousands of conversations across specialist forums, blogs, news sites and well know social networks like LinkedIn. Using tools and techniques, immediate future is able to extract relevant insights mapping the priority platforms, isolating the valuable conversations and defining both the opportunity and the risk.

Adam Lewis, managing consultant at social media consultancy, immediate future, said: “Resources and budgets are tight for most firms, so before investing in social media they need to know the size of the opportunity and think through the cost and resource implications. With Festo we help visualise this and plan accordingly to get the most cost-effective results.”

Recent data sourced from Global Web Index demonstrates that social network conversations influence business purchase decisions. A sample of 383 UK professional from large enterprises revealed that businesses are three times more influenced by social conversations than advertising and almost six times more than blogs or direct marketing*.

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Adam Lewis

About Festo

Festo is a leading international supplier of automation technology with a turnover in 2011 of over €2.1 billion employing more than 15,000 people worldwide. With its innovations and problem-solving expertise in the field of pneumatic and electrical automation, the company has established itself as the performance leader in its sector.

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*source: Global Web Index research by Trendstream – A detailed on-going global study into the internet consumer’s attitudes, motivation and multi-platform internet behaviours from more than 120,000 consumers in 36 markets.