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Occasional DJ, fishing enthusiast and social media fanboy Jack Harrington is coming up in the world! After a stellar four months as a fully paid Intern, Jack has been promoted to full-time Account Administrator.

An invaluable addition to the team, Jack immersed himself in the IF company culture from his first day. No task was too big or small, whether it was compiling client reports or keeping the bar fridge freshly stocked with cold beers. His energy, enthusiasm and wit endeared him to the team in record time.

In his own words, “I quit my full time job for an internship at IF, and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It’s the closest thing you could probably to get to family without being related. I can’t wait to continue to soaking up the knowledge of some of the most amazing and talented social media professionals in the business.”

Good to have you on board Jack!